About Zero Gravity

The poems were written over the period 1982 to early January 2014. There are 180 poems in the collection, excluding the haiku and other shorter untitled pieces. Of these 90 have been published in poetry magazines and literary journals such as: New Coin, New Contrast(SA Literary Journal), Carapace, Itch, Botsotso, (all South African) and Illuminations (South Carolina, USA). The poems vary in tone and content enormously, variously satirical, comical, intellectual, political. erotic and comic, with a strong emphasis on word play, mythology and dramatic rhythm. Two videos have been made dealing with the poet and his poetry, both produced by Dr David Basckin and Dr Zoe Molver, the latter “Fifteen Takes on Damian Garside” being part of a series on KwaZulu-Natal writers commissioned by the National Research Foundation, and housed in the National English Language Museum at Rhodes University in Grahamstown. Some of the poems have been anthologized in books of South African poetry in English, most notably, Broken Strings (the Politics of Poetry in South Africa) and The Paperbook of South Africa Poetry in English.

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