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“Traditionally, the scenes on the arena floor take place against an ever-changing backdrop, made up of thousands of children turning the coloured pages of books in sequence to create giant images rippling across one side of the stadium.” Justin McCurry in The Guardian

the Book of the People
is multi-

there is gold out there, by way
of alchemies
if you would only stop, just
so much as

to read
between the lines

and as you do say, do faithfully report,
across vistas of dancing children:
eager rainbows, the pages ripple

swirl like golden spirals
which can be translated into
harder synonyms

the whole here read
for convenience across rank, down file

words single-filing silently, acutely conscious
how, according to the simile that is
collapsed metaphor they
are but bullets loaded

cliches of critical mass, whose
aesthetics may
well confound but

the sun of their meaning tots, adds up
every little mind so
nicely calibrated
for simultaneous fire