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body tells you
are entering
dark world

uncertain terms

this body
you reject as
foreign virus, want nothing to
do with, can’t conceive
of anything to do with

Oh for a Universe
where we are all networked, we are
all reiteration, repetition,
we do not mince words
every sentence
has an
exclamation mark and
we stomp through the future like
sexual cyborgs
whose passion is
pre-coded in
each nuclear fuel cell

I digress
hopefully depress

would I could fly off at a tangent
hit escape velocity
and not stop until
I have left the
solar system met

Vega’s blue aliens

and yet
something in how I was written
sure to get me
boomeranging back to you
(aches beyond human understanding
down deep and dreamtime in my didgeridoo)

your pet theory
poet on a leash

no ties
to hold me

or matching handkerchief

slipping the wire
snaking away

today I’m the dog in the adage
having my day

my energies
to the naked eye semi-

not yet the sort
that smash, mutate flesh

and yet
almost if upon cue
my body
to frail, odd
to contain
crumbles, falls to bits

Oh that I had that red boiling blood
of the raw alpha predator

not gamma guy
seems to
have the Cain trademark branding of
an entirely different galaxy

your palace of the self
that you assumed
safe for centuries

is tipping, toppling, enduring
the inconvenience of
slightly more than slight seismic shift

slides into an ocean of
collapsing Moon cards

my body
ever a mirror for
such phenomenal

gone liquid metal to
Mercury-message you

that which the future has determined, has
sworn it will have from us, will
absolutely make of us

would rise from its grave
having won every bet