I can talk to you now
as we may have talked
before the time
I do remember

and now I see how
cruel life was to you
to close you in
that prism

starve you of
the very air itself to breathe

here we are now
the space and time collapsed
into a point of singularity

I pour you tea

and here
are the biscuits that you so liked

and here are the great
stories of our life that
will hold your spellbound
for a moment,

as you tell me

how fast you were
how you typed
like a virtuoso, such
speed of hand and thought

and that little boy
the soft dreamy one, from
whom not much could
have ever come
if you will forgive me for saying

him I do not remember
am sorry that he has
totally slipped off my radar

yes, I am so glad
the tea is

hot as
you like the biscuits

you would
have wanted

in this space there is only the two
of us and that dead, lost memory

tell me
about him, with all his
weaknesses and presences

it will be a good story
(from here to
the surface of Mars I can imagine
none better)

me about him

tell me about him.