came for the fireworks
was assured there would be some

that there are giants
and ogres the size of pygmies
who live in
matchbox castles and
need to see
that their texts of fire get written
and that there will
be no more text after that

the choices that we make
peace or

line divisions

once I broke a stanza in an odd place
nothing seismic though
in that rupture

but here
they would level mountains
straddle the Earth
go down so deep
that her very molten core
gets startled, frightened

worse when
it comes to the death messages
she starts to hear

as they
who hide miles down
in subterranean bunkers
I ask, you ask
if not already guilty

of your desire
(as avatar, as metaphor, as

to straddle
this world, my world
as some phallic god
(deity of destruction,
of desperate desire to
end all