so I was ushered into
my seat next to
a guy called Gustav
who was with his
baby girl Sugar Plum
who sat taking a selfie
of them as couple
watching a movie
as he shamelessly
his fingers inside
her, adding her taste to
the salty extra buttered taste
of his mega movie bucket
of pure American popcorn

and there was much Hollywood
on the screen for them to see —
or not see
much celluloid dream that
through tried and tested process
of evolution
had found its niche
worked out its own
seamless formulation as if
by mathematical equation
in her place to absorb the
male gaze, perfect ideological
spectacle to meet
social dream requirements
plot moving so
linear through three act
heroic structure

as the psyche rocked to
on-screen fable of conflict
resolved in a world
where all conflicts resolved
Pax Americana
(no Sputnik beep-beep paranoia
to stop the projector in
Stephen King’s theatre)

all is
good with the world

we have
had our share of darkness

let there
be light

mc squared