no sir I can’t ever
recall writing this poem

I may or may not have the
pre-writing notes sir
but I am not sure
if seeing them
would be appropriate
even though
I am under oath
(sounding like the tooth fairy
stole my show and
left me “truth oaf”)

yes sir we may have taped this session
taped many sessions
but for the love of me I cannot
recall that
we taped the act of taping

and then of course, to protect the poet
from being quoted out of context
there is executive confidence
and executive privilege if
not exercised as safety net
blanket then as when chips are
down excuse all
exercised retroactively
on a case by
nutcase basis

so gentleman it’s been a pleasure
it’s even seemed a privilege
and confidence is high
Houston that we
may or may not have incoming
which I can deflect for you
sharply with each eye
and elbow being
a deflection expert so
that they miss ground zero
but bounce and
hit the Moon

Moon in June the poet said such
a treacherous alignment
leaving you all so
so very
exasperated gentlemen
this being what poetry does