we have to
take their word
for it

this Big Bang thing
cosmic inflation, Universe expanding

too much insight
here could
drive you mad

since where
matter and energy supposedly came from
a question that
does not make sense so
better off
not asking

the laws of physics at that point
just a bare suggestion,
tentative hypothesis

and then the
consciousness we are
not supposed to have
no reason for it, flimsiest

but what if the Universe is
a bit more mindful than
we give it credit for

right now, as wave fronts merge
and patterns are interfering

Hamlet on the
battlements thinking
just my luck to be
dragged into a tragedy
by a ghost

and this ghost being of
my father, man
who neglected me

the stars look like shards
fragments of
a primal mirror
so no
complete picture

waves crashing below, as they
will for a literary eternity at Elsinore

how he would love, how we
would love (since
he speaks so much
for us)

to slip into a pool
of blue luminescence

who cares
whether it be a boundless ocean
or barely a pond?